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    About Us

    Company Profile

    Founded in April 1993, Jiangsu Feiliks International Logistics Inc. is a 5A-class enterprise of integrated logistics services dedicated to providing integrated supply chain solutions for manufacturing enterprises. In July 2011, the company successfully listed A shares in the Growth Enterprise Market of Shenzhen Stock Exchange (stock code: 300240). After more than 20 years of development, Feiliks now has more than 100 branch outlets, more than 3,000 employees, a storage area under management of nearly one million square meters, more than 1,000 vehicles, and a service network covering 29 provinces in China and more than 50 countries and regions overseas.Its business covers automobile and parts, new energy, electronic information manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing equipment and other industries. It provides many Fortune 500 enterprises with comprehensive green logistics services, specifically supply chain solutions and warehouse distribution integration, sea, air, land and railway transportation. It is a reliable supply chain partner in the advanced manufacturing industry.In  2021, Feiliks had total assets of 3.595 billion and operating revenue of 6.955 billion, Feiliks has won the honors of No.13 among “Top 50 Private Freight Forwarding Logistics Companies in China in 2020” and No.7 among “Top 20 Freight Forwarding Logistics Warehousing Company in China in 2020” for its sustained innovation and development.

    As a technology-driven expert of management of intelligent manufacturing supply chain, Feiliks currently has 5 high-tech patents, 128 computer software copyrights, and 40 certifications of high-tech products. Feiliks constantly innovates and makes breakthroughs in its own service mode, builds a supply chain ecosystem with brands as the core, and establishes collaboration platforms of logistics and supply chain, further realizing planning, resource and demand collaboration, and data sharing of the overall supply chain.

    Feiliks always practices the core values, “Integrity, Practicality, Growth, Innovation and Win-win ”, during its logistics services, and regards “helping manufacturing enterprises to improve efficiency of supply chain management, and realizing customer value proposition” as its mission, in order to actively promote transformation and development of intelligent manufacturing supply chain.

    Quality policy: customer satisfaction, industry-leading, continuous improvement and innovation

    Environmental policy: energy conservation, consumption reduction, pollution reduction, compliance production, green logistics, full participation and continuous improvement

    Occupational health and safety policy: comply with laws and regulations, create a safe working environment, prevent major safety accidents and continuously improve the management system.

    Missions & Visions & Values



    Help Intelligent Manufacturing Enterprises to Improve Supply Chain Management Efficiency and Realize Customer Value Proposition


    Data&Technology Driven Intelligent Manufacturing Supply Chain Management Expert


    Integrity, Practicality, Growth, Innovation, Win-win

    Organizational Structure

    Honors & Qualifications

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