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    Multimodal Transport

    We provide highly flexible multimodal transport solutions

    With sound service network and abundant service experience, Feiliks designs the best intermodal route and effectively combines various forms of transport to form a flexible, professional and door-to-door multimodal transport solutions for international customers with lower logistics cost.

    Our Products

    Domestic railway

    Domestic multi-modal transport

    International railway

    International multi-modal transport

    Why should you choose Feiliks International Multimodal Transport Service?

    Optimized Routes

    Design optimal intermodal routes to save transportation cost and time.

    Highly Flexible

    Provide customers with “door-to-door”, “door-to-port”, “field, station-to-door” and other intermodal services.

    Direct Delivery

    We issue bills of lading or multimodal bills of lading. It only takes one-time entrustment for customers and goods will reach the destination with full process tracked.

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